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In an effort to optimize outcomes for his patients, Dr. Frasco began researching and studying relevant scientific materials while simultaneously reviewing and testing existing orthotic products and services.

During the course of his information gathering, Dr. Frasco, who has 30 years of clinical experience in prescribing orthotics and founder of Accuthotix, encountered a great deal of confusion and frustration with the often conflicting information and substandard products and services being offered to doctors by various orthotic labs. He also discovered that within the Chiropractic and Podiatric Community, there was a profound lack of information and understanding as to how to properly evaluate the foot, cast the foot properly and prescribe quality orthotics.

As he continued his research, Dr. Frasco moved from lab to lab in search of the type of foot orthotic he believed would have the most positive impact on spinal and foot correction outcomes. Dr. Frasco set out to create an “advisory board” of kinds made up of pedorthist, podiatrists, orthotists and chiropractors.

After several years of gathering data, subsequent meetings where the various professionals exchanged ideas and combined their expertise, Accuthotix™ was created — the first orthotic company whose mission is to educate and assist Doctors of Chiropractic, Podiatrists and Pedorthist in optimizing foot and spinal correction outcomes by using custom molded, fully function orthotics.

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