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In researching the various orthotic products offered to health professionals, Dr. Frasco confirmed what he had suspected — a profound lack of innovation and customization within the entire product category.

One company which has dominated the Chiropractic Orthotic marketplace for decades marketed their products as “custom” orthotics and clearly was not a molded product at all. Dr. Frasco was aware of their obvious benefits, but growingly concerned over their many limitations.

Dr. Frasco then shifted his focus from the world of Chiropractic Orthotics to the world of Podiatric Orthotics. He discovered that the difference between the two was significant. In general, the Podiatric Orthotic labs he researched allowed for much more accurate biomechanical correction than did the most often prescribed Chiropractic Orthotics.

The primary difference between the Chiropractic orthotic products and the Podiatric orthotic lab products was great. While the Chiropractic orthotic was more user friendly and more comfortable for the patient, it lacked the biomechanical control offered by the Podiatric orthotic types. However the Podiatric orthotic tended to be less comfortable to the patient and therefore a higher percentage of patients could not accommodate to the correction and discontinued use of the orthotic after a short while.

Accuthotix is a unique orthotic lab in that we use the most sophisticated CAD/CAM technology for designing our orthotics. The end result is a fully functional orthotic while at the same time, pay extra attention to the details when finishing the product to make it as comfortable for the patient as possible.

In the custom molded product, Dr. Frasco found the characteristics and benefits he had been seeking in a Chiropractic Orthotic. He then teamed up with a company that created orthotics to his specific standards and started Accuthotix™.

All Accuthotix™ orthotics are fabricated with the most advanced materials and CAD/CAM system available, however manufactured finish by hand. Each orthotic is crafted to a patient’s neutral stance foot mold through a sophisticated process; using a five camera 3D scanner called the IQube and the Orthomodel/Orthomill Delcam orthotic software system; we can design and manufacture the most accurate orthotic device that current technology has to offer. Each patient’s age, weight, condition, shoe style and activity is factored into every orthotic we produce.

guarantee_iconBy combining the use of advanced materials, programs with hand craftsmanship, we believe that we have the highest fabrication and materials standards in the business and support that belief with our 100% satisfaction guarantee on every Accuthotix™ product we offer.


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